Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to Reliquify Granulated Honey

The granulation of honey is a natural process, and it is controlled by the sugar content within the honey. All honey will granulate.  Some will granulate more quickly than others, but there is no need to throw away granulated honey.
Reliquify granulated honey by simply placing the jar or bottle in a crock pot on low or warm.  No water needed.  Just until all of the crystals dissolve.

Once your honey is liquid again, you will have the same great product that you originally started out with.  It will thicken back up once it cools to room temperature.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

What's BEEn going on?

We have been quite busy around the farm preparing for the upcoming beekeeping season. 

Well it officially starts this week with the break in the weather and beekeepers heading out to observe what winter has done.  Bees are going to have several days to remove dead bees and go on cleansing flights. This is also our chance as beekeepers to clean out the entrance of dead bees, capping, ice, snow or any other debris that may be on the bottom boards. If food resources are running low, feed sugar patties. Also this is the time to place pollen patty substitute above brood in order to help build colony strength remember bees need carbohydrates as well as protein in order to produce brood to build up numbers.
We lose more colonies this time of year then any other time.



March, We have lots of bees and need more equipment!

Matt and I have been quite busy around the farm. Assembling and building new bee equipment. Getting ready for our big expansion this year.  Our bees our pulling through winter quite heavy.  Queen Honey Bees will  be arriving in Mid-April for all of our new hives we will be making.
Here's a few pictures to see what we have been up to.